About College

KLE Society's College of Business Administration, popularly known as KLE-CBA, is one of the leading institutes providing business management education at the undergraduate level since 1996. In the last more than 2 decades, the institute has earned many accolades and appreciation for its outstanding and unique contribution made towards students' life. We, at KLE-CBA always strive not only to impart the best quality business management education to students but we are also committed to putting in our best efforts to nurture essential human qualities in students.

We strongly believe that education is worthless that fails to add value to the student's life and that also fails to make the students competent for future challenges. We believe that the aim of education should not to produce only degree-holding graduates but it should create and develop a sense of credibility and sense of responsibility among students. Developing the students only with great Intelligent Quotient is not our aim but along with those developing students with excellent Emotional Quotient is what we are committed to. We try to develop essential qualities among students.

Qualities like, decision-making ability, leadership qualities, analytical ability, stress management, resources management, time management, team building, team coordination, reporting methodology, meeting deadlines, handling peer pressure etc. Putting in a nutshell, our vision is to become a highly preferred business management institute for students who are aspiring to get new wings to their dreams to kick start their career and also a well-acclaimed, promising and reliable institute for parents and business fraternity who can count on us to receive highly motivated, responsible and sensible students after their graduation with KLE-CBA.