Academic Forum

Believing in the thought that "knowledge prevails all" the academic forum was envisioned. During the year 2014-15. The Academic forum sought to encourage students to participate in events that challenged them intellectually and entertained them all the same. Academic development being the highlight of the education system at KLE CBA, the forum aims at bringing forth the talents of students through events like debates, seminars, group discussions, analysis of articles and essay writing.

Industry Forum

Learning by experiencing is always better than learning by listening. In order to make the students aware of the practices followed in the industry. To relate the theory that they learn in class with its industry application, Industrial Visits Forum was started in the year 2004 to arrange for industrial visits and industry-institute interface. This forum arranges two industrial visits for every student in every semester and one industrial visit abroad every year.

In 2011 KLE CBA students visited Malaysia. Industrial visits forum has also arranged to invite various eminent persons from the industry to interact with students fortnightly. In 2015-16 an industrial visit was organized for Nestle India for 5th Sem and KMF for the 2nd Sem students.

Adventure Forum
Wake up and smell the adventure...!

KLE CBA is known for its innovative teaching methods, the institute aims at teaching young adults the important concepts of management while getting them involved in a physical activity like a sport or a hobby that takes one outdoors. Over the last 10 years, KLE CBA has been a pioneer in delivering quality education while making the experience for students that they will cherish. Management students are expected to be dynamic and outgoing through the adventure forum KLE CBA aims at creating a platform for students to interact outside of academics. The college encourages students to take on activities like dance, music, sports, elocution, debates through its various forums like Cultural forum, sports forum, academic forum, students are regularly taken on industrial visits to create an industry-institute interface. To further this exposure, the institute has initiated "Adventure Forum."

The adventure forum was introduced in association with Pug Marks, A premier Adventure and Wildlife Travel Company in India who specialize in services include, Trekking in the Himalayas, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Himalayan Adventure Travel and Tour Packages. Through the activities undertaken through the college and Pugmarks, students will learn team building, decision making, camaraderie, developing stamina while building their physical strength. Adventure Forum is an initiative like no other, students have supported the idea of the forum from the first the idea was floated. Students have the advantage of experiencing adventure sports and avail excellent opportunities to explore and experience the wild which they fail to see and experience in the busy urban life; we need to encourage students to develop curiosity. The traits of a good manager include zeal, aspiration, hard work, grit, determination all of which the adventure forum seeks to develop amongst these budding managers.

Wings To Mind Forum

KLE Society's College of Business Administration is introducing Wings to Mind an incubation centre for Entrepreneurship Development. "Wings to Mind Forum" is introduced to provide a platform for the students to understand the hidden entrepreneurial abilities that they possess and execute the same with confidence. Every well-known entrepreneur has started his/her journey when he/she was a student, be it Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Larry Ellison. KLE CBA through "Wings to Mind" is tying up with 8 different social entrepreneurship NGOs that work in different parts of the country addressing various concerns. Every student of KLE CBA will compulsorily get an opportunity to visit these NGO's which will develop a concern in students for society.

Sports Forum

During the year 2014-2015, the sports forum has actively organized successful events. Standing true to the belief, that Sports provide the much-needed respite from a hectic academic schedule. The sports forum has been actively organizing events for the students, keeping in mind their interests and talent. Events such as Tug of War, Striker, Lagori, Cricket and indoor games like carom, chess were organized. The annual cricket tournament Hit Wicket was organized with much enthusiasm. Hit Wicket is a cricketing tournament with a managerial twist, which gave students exposure to the brilliance behind cricket, management, advertising and various aspects of the sports these days.

Cultural Forum

A really great talent finds its happiness in execution...! The cultural forum provides a platform for the students to exhibit their talent, the basic idea with which the forum was installed. The forum organizes various competitions in the field of dance, acting, painting, singing, fashion and many more. 2015 witnessed two successful events namely "Nrutya" the dance competition and also organized Sargam-E-Azadi a singing competition for the colleges in Hubli-Dharwad for the very first time. Apart from this the forum also organized events like Gangsters day, Twin's day, Hip-Hop day etc, Freedom fighters day on October 2nd, 2015.

The cultural forum serves two-fold purposes. Firstly, provides a platform for the students to exhibit their talent and secondly helps them sit back and relax from their busy academic schedule.

Ladies Forum

A woman is a complete circle, with her is the power to create, nurture and transform. We at KLE'S CBA believe in empowering women. This is made possible by providing them with a platform by installing the ladies’ forum which serves the twin purposes. Firstly, it helps them exhibit their creativity and also enriches their organizing skills by hosting various events like Mehendi competition, rangoli, Diya Making and cooking competition etc. The forum here is with a little difference, as it also tries to overcome the myth that the above-said skills are a cup of tea only for the womenfolk. Hence, the forum activities are kept open for the male students also and the forum has witnessed overwhelming responses. The event that highlighted the ladies’ forum this year was the "Mom's Day-Out", that was arranged for all the mother of KLE's CBA.

Elite Forum

Winning by chance is luck, winning by design is efficiency. The management fest forum aims at creating competitors with the skill sets to win against a formidable opponent rather than the win against weak opposition. The forum has constantly been changing the way students are trained to participate and win in the fests. The Fest Forum encourages the winning spirit and celebrates the same.

Students attended fests conducted all over India. The students have participated in over twenty fests in the year 2014-2015. They have won General Championships and 25 individual prizes for their outstanding performances in events of Finance, Marketing Human Resource, Best Manager & Quiz. This year students visited Belgaum, Bangalore, Mangalore, Manipal, Bhatkal, Hubballi and few others.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Forum

KLE CBA believes in practicing leadership. KLE CBA started the CSR forum in 2005 to contribute to the creation of a peaceful and problem-free society. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Forum has been tremendously successful in creating awareness. Many interesting events have been organized by the students a few noteworthy events were oath-taking of Preamble of the constitution of India, Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan on October 2nd and the most important one i.e Prayaas on 15th August 2015.

CBA Creations

Information Technology plays an important role in the 21st century right from developing software and inducting this advanced technology in the business world. Basically, IT deals with the application of computers and telecommunication equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, often in the context of a business or other enterprises. Over a long period of time, our college has trained and developed students specifically in the IT department so that they exhibit their creativity and talents in various events.

Over a period of time since the inception of the college, the students of KLE CBA were showing keen interest in computers and were involved in many designing activities including the making of flash presentations, brochures, banners to name a few. With this, there came the birth of CBA creations. Ever since then a group of highly techie genius are elected through various stages to be a part of CBA creations.

CBA creation has grown over a period of time and now it's created its own brand. KLE CBA is known to have created a benchmark in twin cities for the class events that are organized by the students. But, no event is successful without the involvement of the CBA Creations. They are known for excellent banners and amazing video making skills. They have been successful in creating the best advisement of all the events on the internet. Now, CBA Creations is at its peak of creating the best videos and banners and is taking the internet by storm. They are solely responsible for managing the multimedia of the college.

Ambience Forum

Ambience forum was constituted for the first time ever at KLES CBA in the academic year 2015-2016. It offers a backup to all portfolios in beautifying the campus during various events.

Visual appeal plays a major role in attracting the audience and that is what the Ambience portfolio does. The forum ensures that the campus looks beautiful and creates colourful ambience for everyone. It provides a facelift to the campus as well as the proposed events.

Thinkers’ Forum

Thinkers’ Forum is formed to conduct the activities wherein students should think out of the box. There are so many common things to which one can see uncommonly. Thinkers’ Forum will encourage the students to conduct the activities that will be unique and uncommon but that will let students learn a variety of things that they have not experienced before. The first-ever competition that Thinkers’ Forum had organized was a Logo Design Competition named ENIGMA. The competition was organized for PU as well as graduate students. We received an overwhelming response from various college from Hubli, Dharwad and Belgaum.




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